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Dental Health

December 6, 2023

5 Foods to Eat and Avoid: The Impact of Diet on Dental Health

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy involves more than just brushing and flossing daily. What you eat is important too! Your diet plays a big part in ...

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Teeth Whitening

May 31, 2023

Unlock Dazzling Smiles: Exploring the Longevity of Teeth Whitening Treatments

A bright, radiant smile can be an instant confidence booster for any individual. But achieving it through regular brushing and flossing might seem dif...

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Habits that will Stain the Teeth

November 30, 2022

7 Habits that Can Stain Teeth

No one likes having yellow teeth, so we often take action to prevent or reverse discolouration. At Alpha Dental, we aim to maintain a sparkling smile,...

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Dental Fillings Perth

November 23, 2022

Dental Fillings and Restoration

You may experience pain or sensitivity if you have cavities or holes in your teeth. You may be utterly unaware of smaller cavities because they are ge...

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Tips for Healthy Gums from the Best Dentist in Perth

November 21, 2022

Tips for Healthy Gums

Oral health is vital for overall wellness. Taking good care of your teeth is essential, but did you know that healthy gums are just as important as a ...

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Root canal treatment and the myths about it

September 28, 2022

5 Root Canal Myths

Are you planning for root canal treatment? If yes, then you have arrived in the right place. It is possible to gather helpful information on the Inter...

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