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Tips for Healthy Gums

Tips for Healthy Gums from the Best Dentist in Perth

Oral health is vital for overall wellness. Taking good care of your teeth is essential, but did you know that healthy gums are just as important as a beautiful smile? Unhealthy gums can lead to tooth loss, infections, and other serious health problems. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your gums! Periodontitis, gingivitis, and gum disease are caused by bacteria-causing tartar and plaque. These conditions can increase your risk of health problems like diabetes and heart disease. So, brush up on your oral hygiene and keep your smile healthy and bright! 

What is gum disease? 

Gum disease usually starts when plaque builds up under and along the gum line. A plaque is a sticky, film-like substance containing bacteria. This can lead to gum disease and tooth decay by causing infections in the gums and bones. Additionally, plaque can contribute to gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. Gingivitis causes your gums to become: 

  • inflamed
  • tender
  • red
  • swollen
  • prone to bleeding

Keep reading to learn more tips for healthy gums. 

Floss every day

Floss your teeth at least once a day. Flossing removes plaque and food that your toothbrush cannot reach. It doesn’t matter when you floss; make sure you floss three times a day. 

Quit smoking

Another reason for smokers to quit: smoking is strongly linked to the development of gum disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, smoking weakens your immune system, making it more difficult to fight gum infection. Furthermore, smoking makes it more difficult for damaged gums to heal. 

Brush twice a day

Be sure to brush your teeth after every meal – this will help remove any food or plaque trapped between your teeth and gums. Don’t forget to scrub your tongue, too, as it can harbour bacteria. When choosing a toothbrush, look for one with soft bristles that fit comfortably in your mouth. You can also consider a battery-powered or electric toothbrush, as these can be more effective at reducing gingivitis and plaque than manual brushing. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush head or bristles every three to four months.

Use fluoride toothpaste

When it comes to toothpaste, numerous brands on the market claim to reduce gingivitis, freshen breath, and whiten teeth. How do you know which is best for maintaining healthy gums? Choose a toothpaste with fluoride and the ADA seal of approval. The flavour and colour are then entirely up to you! 

Use a therapeutic mouthwash

Therapeutic mouthwashes, usually available over the counter, can help reduce plaque and prevent or reduce gingivitis. Rinses help remove food particles and debris from the mouth but do not replace flossing and brushing. Make sure you look for the ADA seal, which indicates that the product has been evaluated for effectiveness and safety. 

See your dentist at least twice a year

Everyone knows that maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home is essential for our teeth and gums, but did you know that it’s just as important to see a dentist regularly? That’s right, even if you brush and floss twice a day, you should still see your dentist for cleanings and checkups at least twice a year. They can do things like remove calculus, look for cavities, and spot potential problems so that they can offer treatment solutions. So don’t forget to schedule your next appointment!

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