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Paediatric Dentistry- Oral-health treatment in children 

How is Paediatric dentistry different from adult dentistry?
Paediatric Dentistry in Australia is all about kids’ dental health. These dentists specialise in keeping children’s teeth and gums healthy. Their main job is to ensure that kids have good oral hygiene habits early on. They also take care of baby teeth, so they stick around longer. Here’s how it works: First, the dentist checks the child’s teeth and gums and might take X-rays if needed. They’ll also chat with parents about how to keep their child’s mouth clean at home. They might talk about treatments like fillings or crowns before working at the clinic if necessary.
Age range of children in Paediatric dentistry
Children’s dentistry in Australia covers kids from when they’re babies to when they’re almost starting primary school. We usually call them infants from birth to three years old, toddlers from three to six years old, and pre-schoolers from six months to five years old. Pre-schoolers become school kids when they start kindergarten or first grade, usually around ages 5 to 6.
The adolescent period begins at puberty with the onset of sexual maturity and ends around 18 years when most people have completed their growth spurts.
Paediatric Dentistry
When it comes to the cost of paediatric dentistry, many factors influence the price:
  1. You should consider your child’s age and health status. It will also affect their treatment plan if they have pre-existing conditions or are under two years.
  2. You should ask about any procedures that need to be done during their appointment and how long it will take for each operation. Your dentist may recommend multiple appointments if necessary; these can add up quickly if you’re not careful!
  3. Keep in mind where your dentist’s office is located. Transportation costs may also add up over time if they’re farther away from home than usual (or vice versa).
  4. You should also consider the cost of any additional insurance you have to take out. If you’re already paying for dental coverage, then this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if your dentist recommends treatments not covered by your current plan, you may need to pay for them yourself.

Alpha Dental takes care of both kids and grown-ups. We make sure everyone’s teeth stay healthy. Our skilled dentists can do many things like fixing, taking out teeth, and more. Our friendly staff can help you make an appointment for your child in the morning or at night. They can also answer your questions about how to keep your child’s teeth healthy, depending on their age, like if they’re a baby or a preschooler.