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Orofacial Myology

Orofacial myology is a treatment that uses exercises to improve the muscles and bones in your mouth. It can help with problems such as breathing issues, tooth misalignment, and sleep apnea. It can also improve your ability to breathe and speak properly – even if you don’t have any of these problems.
Let’s define orofacial myology.
Orofacial myology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the muscles of the face and mouth. This has been around for decades but has recently gained popularity in mainstream medicine due to its effectiveness in treating specific conditions like malocclusion. This branch of dentistry aims to correct muscle imbalances that can cause problems with teeth alignment or grinding your teeth during sleep!
Orofacial myology is a treatment that helps make your mouth, face, and neck muscles work better for your health. It includes exercises to teach you how to move your jaw correctly when eating and talking. Sometimes, it’s used along with other treatments like braces or speech therapy if you have trouble chewing or swallowing because your tongue isn’t in the right place.
A specialist called an orofacial myologist, who knows a lot about fixing narrow jaw issue, can do this therapy. They indentify issue and coach you to make sure your muscles work to their optimum. This can help with things like mouth breathing and other problems with your mouth and face muscles.
There is no recovery time for orofacial myology as it is an exercise-based treatment. It may take longer to recover if you have a severe muscle or joint problem in your face. In the case of a mild muscle or joint disorder in the face, your recovery time can be shorter if you follow the instructions well.
Treatments and care for orofacial myofunctional disorders are provided by an oral myologist, a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. The treatments include tongue thrust therapy, lip thrust, and tongue exercises. These can be done at home or in the office of your oral myologist.
Alpha Dental, a top-notch dental clinic in Perth, provides various dental services, including orofacial myology. We’re excited to announce that we’ve incorporated the advanced LightScalpel CO2 laser into our clinic for more efficient laser procedures. This technology enhances our ability to address issues like tongue tie correction, gum reshaping, and gum disease treatments. Our primary focus is ensuring the best dental care for our patients in Perth, using cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our team of experienced professionals are experts in orofacial myology, which includes:
  • Airway assessment
  • Jaw joint examination and management
  • Myofunctional Orthodontic Evaluation
The cost of orofacial myology treatment in Australia, including Perth, depends on the time, materials, and equipment needed. The initial evaluation’s price can vary by location. If you require braces in addition to the treatment, it will increase the overall cost. The good news is that some insurance companies cover orthodontic treatment.
If you’re interested in knowing how much orofacial myology costs in Perth or want to explore payment options at clinics like Alpha Dental, please contact us. We’re here to answer your questions about the treatment’s expenses. If we can address your concerns and questions, you can schedule an appointment with our dentists and experience exceptional oral care!